Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just a Day in Paradise

My view in paradise is always so inspiring, comforting, gorgeous and never fails to heal my soul. The favorite time of day for this inspiration is the early morning, just before the sun rises, a glow comes over the sky and the palms begin to light up. Who wouldn't be encouraged to be creative when waking to this? So, off to the studio I go.
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Friday, September 5, 2008

Mexican Kitchen

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Golden Day

Worked in my studio today, cleaning, organizing and just making some room to move around. My studio doubles as an extra guest room for the surfer singles that need twin beds. So, I love my Mexican Kitchen hutch,the table and benches fold up into the doors and all I have to do is shut the doors and it looks like a wardorb.

I really need to send this picture to GOLDEN!

I am not fond of the acrylics in Mexico, so I brought some down from the states.

The beach was still full of trash today, so why not have a golden day cleaning the studio.
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

True Beauty

What beauty is offered to us if we only take the time to see.

Found this on a walk in my little puebla today and just needed to share it.
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rainy Nights Bring More Sea Treasures

I never know what will wash ashore after a stormy night or better said, what will wash down the river into the sea. Trees, trash and always bones of some kind of animals. Scary! I don't go into the ocean on days of bones and trash. I do look for treasures and things to inspire, rusty bed springs, lots of rusty bed springs. I don't know what goes on up that river, but do enjoy the bounty. The rusty artifacts will be part of an art piece someday, but for now they sit in my planter as a daily reminder of peaceful wanderings on the ocean of life
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The Waves are Washing Jewels Ashore

Sea Glass
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Walking in Time

Thanks to Karen for a great workshop in Ingram, Texas!

We had so much fun in the Printmaking with a TWIST class
and I will continue to use the techniques learned. I donated this piece to the Hill Country Arts Foundation for a fundraiser they are having.

Great spot for workshops, right by the river, peaceful and so wonderful for getting the creative process going in harmony with nature.