Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mexican Pelicans and Palms

The Pelicans came in close
for a day of
Sardine Hunting Heaven

It was so amazing watching them.

Then it was back to work for me...... 3x5
so hard to do
when Sardine Hunting is right out front!

My largest work ever.......

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mexico Works

Been working while hanging out in Beautiful Bucerias.

I am missing my deer back in Texas!
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lunch on The Prairie

Love This Table

Rachel's Room....can you believe she let us photograph it!

Where the planning takes place.

Rachel Ashwell Giving us the Tour of her New Texas Digs!

Isn't this amazing!

And this!


Now that is an Inspiration Board!

New Blogging Friends

Now I have a New Idea .....
Thank you to Rachel And Bud!
The Hostess and Pie Man Extraordinaire!
Dwell With Dignity!
Such a Fantastic Cause....please check them out was super!
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Junk! you say...I prefer to call Them Treasures!

I did a little pre-shopping in Round Top this past weekend......Oh my ...What Treasures!!!

LOve This BeD!
Found these Cranberry Crates at Texas Trash To Treasures in Carmine, Texas!
They worked perfect on my Dining room wall....What do you think?

Close up of The Bed
Not sure where these will end up......maybe in a Assemblage!
Artists can Never....Ever have enough

Are you Ready to go Junking?
See you There!
Myself and 34 other very thrilled Bloggers will be having
 Lunch on The Prairie with Rachel Ashwell at her New B&B!!!
 Such a Treasure! Part of the proceeds will benefit
I am so READY for a piece of PIE from Royer's Round Top Cafe
(I missed having lunch there last Sunday by 10 minutes)  
Thought I was gonna cry........
Thanks to Kelley over at The Hidden List for putting this together.....can't wait to meet everyone!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Seth Apter of The Altered Page has done it again! It is always a pleasure to join him in an Art Adventure. This creative adventure showcases our Stacks.....we all have them....some of us have too many (Is that possible?! ) So today....go take a look around....and Happy Stacking!
As always.....Thanks for stopping by.

Oh the Books!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

La Reyna de Shabby Chic

Rachel Ashwell gets my vote as La Reyna (The Queen)
Shabby Chic

Some Very Excited Bloggers
(How could I be so Blessed)
 Will be Dining With Her
The Prairie
Her New B&B
Proceeds from the Luncheon Will Benefit
Dwell With Dignity
So Very Cool! Please check it out
 The Luncheon will be catered by "The PieMan"
 Bud Royer of Royer's Rountop Cafe
 Love Those Pies!!!
 EAT MO PIE People
 While in Round Top, Texas
 I will be searching for some of these
 most certainly these
 So....strap on your wings, grab your mode of transportation and fly to
A Big Thank you to Kelley over at The Hidden List!
Can't wait to meet everyone.....
See you on

Thursday, September 15, 2011

10 Years Later...Causeway Collapse

I know most of you remember where you were on 9/11

Those of us that lived on South Padre Island, Texas had a double tragedy that year

We Will Always Remember


September 15th 2001


South Padre Island, Texas

Our Home for the last 20+ years

It's somewhere around 2am....the phone a mother of 4 daughters your heart jumps up and out as you reach for it...

Awful Thoughts swirling around

Eyes won't open

Who is Home? Who is Not? Fast mental Recall......Come on..... THINK!!!!

Oldest is home

Second one is asleep in her room

The Twins......Omg..... they are at a slumber party!

OK.... DO NOT Panic!!!

Me Answering phone...........


Terrorists Blew Up the Causeway!!!


My Mind is Now Spinning out of Control.......9/11 had just happened......

Girls.....this is not funny!!!! Stop joking around and go to sleep......another caller beeps in.....


There were no terrorists.....just one barge that changed the lives of so many......



10 Years Later

I will remember the good that came out of that horrible tragedy....

That event changed our very small community forever.

Blessings to all the families and friends that lost their loved ones that day.

Check this link to read more.....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Guess Who is Having Lunch With The Fabulous Rachel Ashwell

So....Hello fellow Bloggers!
It's been a Long, Long ....OK.... really.............. Long time since I have posted.

I have lots of reasons for the extremely long absence....
you already know I come from
"The Land of Manana"
I shall not bore you with the rest. Not now anyway.....

I would Love to Yell..... Oops... Tell You
About the Title of my Post

Have you guessed...... it's ME!! ME!! Yes, Me!
Myself and 34 other very fast and lucky Bloggers (let me say... I am really embarrassed with that Title!) ...are having lunch with Rachel Ashwell at her new B&B, The Prairie We will dine with the Queen of Shabby Chic, tour her new B&B, take photos and share our experience on our Blogs!

I am So Excited!

I will be back with Details....lots of details!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Christmas

Dipp'n my toes back in the blog world!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Land of Manana

Shell, copper and enameled copper
Ring with enameled copper and bead

Faux Bone, Copper and Enamel

My Girls and the Grand Munchkins

Jenna catching a wave at La Lancha

Warm fire in Dripping Springs

Small flurry by the Well House

I think the Deer miss me

Kids and Dogs at the Fire Pit

I have been so bad about keeping up with my blog..........

I have only one excuse........

I am in the Land of Manana!

I am really, really going to try and do this more often.

I have been busy with life...........

Bought my dream home in theTexas Hill Country

Did a HUGE remodel on the house there

Bought more land with another house on it

Was able to pull off a wonderful Holiday Season with all the family

Finally got a NEW PC for Christmas

Did another remodel

Rented it out

Packed up Miss Sammy girl (who loves to chase the poor deer)

Drove back to Mexico

Cleaned House to ready for the incoming family

Took a jewelry class with the best ever....... Richard Salley

.........if you haven't been you are missing a fantastic time!

Sam is the best Hostess!

Had a terrible freak storm(it's not even rainy season here in Bucerias, Mexico) and am still cleaning that mess up.......well...... it is the land of manana!

Friends and Family have all gone home


I have missed every one of you and hope you enjoy the pictures that show what's been happening the last few months