Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Land of Manana

Shell, copper and enameled copper
Ring with enameled copper and bead

Faux Bone, Copper and Enamel

My Girls and the Grand Munchkins

Jenna catching a wave at La Lancha

Warm fire in Dripping Springs

Small flurry by the Well House

I think the Deer miss me

Kids and Dogs at the Fire Pit

I have been so bad about keeping up with my blog..........

I have only one excuse........

I am in the Land of Manana!

I am really, really going to try and do this more often.

I have been busy with life...........

Bought my dream home in theTexas Hill Country

Did a HUGE remodel on the house there

Bought more land with another house on it

Was able to pull off a wonderful Holiday Season with all the family

Finally got a NEW PC for Christmas

Did another remodel

Rented it out

Packed up Miss Sammy girl (who loves to chase the poor deer)

Drove back to Mexico

Cleaned House to ready for the incoming family

Took a jewelry class with the best ever....... Richard Salley

.........if you haven't been you are missing a fantastic time!

Sam is the best Hostess!

Had a terrible freak storm(it's not even rainy season here in Bucerias, Mexico) and am still cleaning that mess up.......well...... it is the land of manana!

Friends and Family have all gone home


I have missed every one of you and hope you enjoy the pictures that show what's been happening the last few months



  1. Your art is oh so beautiful.

  2. yeah! your are back!!! love the new jewelry, especially the heart! xo

  3. you are a whirlwind of beauty and growth!!
    i celebrate your "do it" ness!!!


  4. just wondering, what part of mexico are you enjoying???

  5. Wow! Enjoyed the pictures and your jewelry is beautiful. Love the rustic~ness of it and unique quality too.

  6. your jewelery creations are FABULOUS!! Carry on...

  7. You will have to drop in and say hi at www.splurgegallery.com in Bucerias (www.bestofbucerias.com). We would love to see your art.

  8. Hey what's happening?........i'll get back on my blog, if you get back on yours! CB