Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bucerias Girls

The Girls


Me and Hot glue

These girls made their way from Texas to Mexico in a this caused a small scene at the security check in the airport.........once I saw the smiles and something about skulls in Spanish being mentioned.........I knew the girls and I were in the clear and headed home.... the girls were headed to their new home at Christy's Gallery in Bucerias....A Broken Art and the Art Walk Plaza.

This is Christy enjoying a cold beverage in my studio.....HEY Christy!!! This is my shout out to you for another AWESOME season of the now Famous Bucerias Art Walk! I'm proud of YOU! Enjoy your free deserve it :) Ok.......she does have my art in her gallery....but I would shout out to her anyway. Christy and her faithful dog Ola, Sammi and I like to take walks on the beach every morning........well... I try.......anyway...... yelling Ola, Ola(HOLA is Spanish for Hello) and see how many people turn and look at you.....thinking....who me? Makes my day every time!

This is Important

Ok........Christy likes to have visiting artists every night receptions, mini workshops might want to check it out! If all else fails will still be in Paradise. I forgot to tell you..........the Gallery is one block from the Pacific OceanO

This is a video of my best friend in the whole wide world.....Beth Fedigan of South Padre Island, Texas(great artist....terrible at keeping up with her blog) giving her basket weaving workshop at Christy's Art Plaza. We had so much fun.....hunting for all the native materials used.........soaking these huge sheaths and fiber in my hot tub........the neighbors were a little curious as to what was floating in there...hehe...anyway great fun and I had my buddy to hang out with for too short of a time. Her art was a hit and she is doing it again next year!!!! A Working Vacation!


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  1. Hola! From one of the original Bucerias Girls! Thanx for the shout out Lee Ann. You convinced me to take the leap and I have jumped in with both feet and am FINALLY Blogging! Thanx for all your help.