Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mexican Sunset Explosion

I am back in my little piece of is so good to be here.....walking the beach.....hanging with SD......and Sammi girl.......home sweet home!
See this gorgeous sunset exploding over the Pacific Ocean.......... it takes my breath away every time I see it.........I want to run and grab my paints and brushes and capture that perfect moment..........just a slight problema.......
Since my last two trips to Texas I have been just dumping all my new treasures in the is time to organize and create.......something....anything......Do you get that same overwhelming feeling of.......I think I just might implode or explode if I don't get in the studio and do Something? Please share your thoughts while I go create something!


  1. Yes! Sometimes I realize that I have been wrapped up in the hunt and gather aspect of creating for so long that I have no idea what I orinigally intended to do with any of the things I found- then I feel panicked until I can sort and organize and start planning again!

  2. lol - been there and do that! sometimes I have the desire so strong and I don't have a clue what to do with it, so ... I fold paper cranes (go figure) ... and somewhere around the 20th I'm ready to work on something else ... like the act of folding the cranes clears the cobwebs just enough to point me in a direction. :)

    love that photo!

  3. Nikki, thanks for visiting my blog. I definitely identify with you; I suppose that probably most artists do. It is an addiction, though hopefully a positive one!

  4. Oh, man, if I stopped what I was doing to organize my studio right now, I wouldn't have time for anything until Christmas!

  5. Amazing shot. Wish I were there right now!