Monday, May 11, 2009

I am Helping

If I didn't have 3rd Eye Muse to keep me updated on what's happening in the blog world.........well.....let's just say I would be a total beach bum.......a horrible thing.....sunning and lounging on the now deserted beach of Bucerias.(Thanks Swine Flu).....just like an iguana......and believe me...I don't need any more sun. So....a Big Thanks to Michelle for saving me from more skin damage.

Go HERE and check out GRRL+DOG for her latest Gorilla Knit Project! I am so thrilled to be doing this.....Why?......Because...I can knit! I only know ONE stitch....but I can do it...can you?

Do you want to Help...Be a part of Australia's Biggest Pole Cozy Guerilla Knit in the National Gallery? Then Go HERE and sign's gonna be Fun!


  1. is that an attempt to see me blush? no ... hmmm ... must just be a bonus! :)

    so glad to know that you'll be participating, too ... what are the chances we'll be next to each other again?

  2. HA! I can put you two together if you like... make sure you wrtie your name on them, better still embrioder it so I know who to make a fuss of...

    thanks for the shout out, I do love it.

  3. Michelle has helped me in many ways, but not with sun damage!! What the heck? Where's my sun-damage help!?
    just kidding. This is a great project. If I knitted, I'd be all over it.