Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dreams Do Come True

In one of my earlier posts I had said..... I dreamed of having a home in the Texas Hill Country
My Dream of a Country Home has come true!
And an added bonus
I am so close to my fav Art Supply Store in Austin!

We just closed on our "NEW" country home!

I am Dreaming of sitting by this fireplace surrounded by family and friends

Part of the deal was this had to stay

Even Surfer Dude is excited to have his on "spread"
The deer are free and roam at will
So many trees!
Someday....... chickens and a horse!

The"garden" may have to wait,
but my spirit is soaring!

The closing was all happening while SD and I were in the middle of the
Dreaded Dengue Fever
down in Mexico
Who knew one little mosquito could bring such havoc on a person......or two.
Thanks for the notes of kindness
I am so Grateful!
It's time to get back to being
I hear a shrine calling my name!


  1. Congrats!!! Love the wringer washer!

  2. oh how i love it when dreams come true in others lives!!! i celebrate your happiness...and your return to home and health.

    and i welcome you to shrineland with open arms!

  3. Oh how perfectly perfect, Nikki! I love your fireplace and your swing, you can laze about and watch the sunset (or sunrise!) with SD- congratulations!