Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bahamian Palm

In Memory of My Charly Girl

Another photo of Charly mixed with a painting of a palm...the photo was taken on one of the most beautiful and deserted beaches in the Bahamas. We would go for days and not see another person or boat. Shells and sea glass untouched by human hands, bright orange starfish and conch scattered the ocean floor. I still dream of it and when my soul aches from all the craziness of this world, I return to that place in my mind.

OK .......I sooo forgot to post my Buried Treasure..........Thanks for the Heads Up Seth ..from The Altered Page.... .the brains behind this Treasure Hunt! I think my brains have been on a LONGGGG vacation.....really.... I am in Houston having a great time with my hubby and just plain 'ole sorry!

This is my Buried Treasure
The photo above was one of Charly on a beautiful beach in the Bahamas

I was playing with PS and added a layer of a palm done with wax and inks

I wanted to remember all the great times we had with her



Our travels while living aboard a 41 foot Morgan Classic...those were some of the

Best Times of my Life

My hubby,twin daughters and Charly our Golden Retriever....traveling the most Gorgeous waters in the world.....great memories and the kind of Treasure I will have forever!

Thank you Seth for making me remember.

Please go to Seth's Blog and check out all the

Buried Treasure

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  1. Love the colors in this Photoshop blend.

  2. thank you for stopping at my blog
    i haven't gotten to you on the list yet
    so i have skipped over a few to visit now...
    i have labs
    and aren't animals a treasure in their own right
    gone but never forgotten...
    i will be seeing you again real soon!

  3. sounds like a great adventure... i did some rummaging of my own and found ur encaustic wax pieces.... gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful artwork, thanks for sharing your buried treasure.

  5. you are so creative and I'm enjoying perusing your blog.

  6. just think ... you'll have another chance as Seth wants us to "dig deeper" next Thursday!

    ... I really, really like the memorial for Charly. :)

  7. wow...what an adventure! What an experience for all of you...and a beautiful tribute to Charly.

  8. Beautiful Treasure

    thank you for sharing it.

  9. I love your painting, since I am for dogs! Sounds like a lovely memory!

  10. What a gorgeous piece of art! With a great back story . . . Beautiful!

  11. Great choice Nikki. Charly looks regal and colorful at the same time. So glad you took part in this collaboration!

  12. Gorgeous art of Charly...what a beautiful tribute and beautiful memories for you! That deserted beach and beauty sounds like a dream!!! ~Lisa ;-)

  13. Great tribute to a beloved pet! My cat left the world this year but she still is going strong in my heart!

  14. What a beautiful and haunting piece. I was drawn to your encaustics, too, since I just played with beeswax yesterday for the first time. Thanks for your inspiration.

  15. What a beautiful picture and memory. How wonderful to be able to see yourself and your family sailing on those gorgeous turquoise waters. sigh.....Thanks for sharing that buried treasure with us. What fun this has been to read and see new blogs.
    :)Bea //

  16. So glad I found you through Seth's Buried Treasure collaborative! Can't wait to come back to find more on my own!

  17. your arty portrait of your furry family member is beautiful ! and the fact that it is connected to such powerful memories for you and your family makes it even more so. Thanks for sharing your treasures !