Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How to Use Your Art Roarrrrrr

By some Nana Miracle ..and....between tons of laundry, lots of Peanut Butter and a zillion giggles of fun with my Grand Munchkins
I did get my Dress in the mail on Time!
I just forgot to post here it goes.....along with my memory.
Please take some time and visit Monica's Blog for more information about the
Women of Juarez Murders
and see the impact many artists are having on aDressing the Situation
Go scream, create and then send it off
give these beautiful souls a
Thank you Monica for making us
With Our Art Voice

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  1. this is such a gorgeous creation! Way to go, Lee Anne ... ROAR!!

  2. Hi Lee Anne,

    I'm so glad you stopped by and thank you for your sweet comment on my dresses. In way over my head, but I was glad to contribute and say something about this sickening situation...if nothing did my heart good to ROAR! :)

    Your dress is so beautiful and amazing! What heart art. You gave all the beautiful souls a voice with your piece! "Trapped" so right...I can't imagine being in their shoes, living that way and living in fear! Love that you nailed your dress to wood!!! Wrapping her in wire and nailing it...preventing her/them from escaping or being brilliant. What is the significance of the old square head nail? Staked? At stake? It must have done your heart good to ROAR too! I so hope they write an article addressing the situation.

    I have been by twice to read your blog and learn more about you and your art. I loved your Guerrilla Art piece on driftwood! I wanted to participate, but had too many obligations at the time...hopefully I'll become a *Guerrilla* next time. Senorita Pescado is fantastic...I'm sure she treasures it! I loved your knitting piece with the sea shells, sea glass and cool...very organic and textural! The shot of your grandson catching his first wave is great! And, Grandpa is teaching him cool is that! Glad you are enjoying the refresher course in the art of just being a kid...that *IS* what summer is all about! ;-)

    I enjoyed your slide pictures too! *Lucky you* to be living in Mexico by the ocean...your pictures are gorgeous...what a view! Your daughters are BEAUTIFUL girls! You must be so proud! And, your grand babies are darling! How many do you have? What fun...don't have any yet! Love the picture of "the girls" too....I used to call our two "the girls" also!

    What a box of love you sent to Michelle too! I know she will make some amazing art with the treasures you shared with her. She is an absolute sweetheart!!!

    I'm looking forward to following your blog! ~Lisa

  3. aack! I thought I left a comment?

    I DID runn here as fast as you told me, I swear!

    Your dress is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for creating with us and for helping to spread word about the women of juarez.. *fingers crossed* it brings about an article and gives these women a VOICE in S&C zine.

    Lee Anne, before I go I musttell you how wonderful your art blog is! The colors are soothing!

    Have a great art-filled day!

    ~monica :)

  4. What an amazing concept! And you made it work. Great attention to details and your message.

  5. ¡Perfectisimo!

    Tu arte siempre toca mi corazon. Felicidades, y porfa continuar.

    Yo extraño...con amor

  6. my first visit to your delightful blog
    i must be early for your treasure post and i planned to come back see you soon!

  7. love love love your piece...
    i am gearing up to announce the next cigar box shrine project. hope the women of juarez have you all fired up to ROAR again soon!

  8. I like it - it is unique and honest.

  9. our path continues to cross. I also did a dress for this project. I am speechless