Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mexican Surf School and the Summer of Love

My grand munchkin catching his first wave

GO Dude!!!!

Grandpa Cappy is a great teacher

It helps that he is just a Big Kid at Heart!

I haven't had much time to be creative or blog


I am having a BLAST with the kids

It's fun taking a refresher course in the art of just being a kid

Isn't that what Summer is all about?!!!

I will be back ......................soon

In the meantime

See you out in the Blue waters of somewhere my friends.

Thanks to everyone for visiting and leaving some LOVE

I am Wishing Everyone

Fantastic Summer

Now Go out and Play!

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  1. yep, just a tad bit envious over here .... sooooo wishing I was the grand munchkin catchin my first wave ... how cool & exciting is that?!?

    looks like y'all are having lots of happy right now. soak up as much as you possibly can. :)

  2. what a marvellous photo ..great blog