Saturday, February 21, 2009

Guerrilla Art

What amazing opportunities you can find on blogs to stir up the creative juices..........I really had to step out of my comfort zone today to join in the Global Guerrilla (K) nit up. I do know how to if it's not a scarf..oh well. OK........I only cast on........couldn't figure out how to knit with that crooked stick! I did play with some beading, tulle, handmade paper, sea glass and felting...........I really stepped out.

This afternoon I will find the tree that needs a little art......... I want it close so I can see how the folks in my pueblito take to guerrilla art. Or better yet......hang it from my the beach goers can enjoy.
I will post another pic when it is out there.........


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  1. yay grrl!

    I looove it when you are fearless and cretive and interpret your own ideas..look at this wonderful creation!

    Do tell us your geurilla adventure!

  2. oooh! I just saw your contribution on grrl's blog and wanted to let you know that I think it's gorgeous! nice work! :)

    ... and I noticed that you're participating in the Cigar Box Shrine/Memory Box fund raiser, too ... small world!

    I'm looking forward to visiting you again. ~M~

  3. I am so inspired by many blogs I read, here online.
    Not meaning to be all emotional, but here goes, it's some of these blogs(yours included) that are helping get through a very sad time,(broken heart) presently.
    So, I too am making a knitted item to secretly put up somewhere tonight, in public. Hoping I make the deadline.
    I saw it on 3rdEyeMuse's blog...she really is a muse LOL
    Happy to meet you.
    Bairbre Aine